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Is it possible to have the same weapon in both slots – for example a I'm pretty sure you can use the same weapon type in both slots you might not be able to use the SAME weapon (i.e. +4 . I am done with ESO forums. I really just want two ability bars, but it forces me to equipped another weapon for secondary. I only have one sword and shield I use not two. I'm doing a DK DPS and was wondering about having DW as both my ability bars? Is this foolhardy and maybe do DW/2H. Or is it viable? Question about Using Same Weapons with Weapon.

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Alle Videos Concept Arts Screenshots Wallpapers Extras Malukah. Best class for Werwolf character. Two weapons of same type will have exactly the same skills 1 to 5 - you cant assign different skills for them or change traits on the fly. Can you set different traits to different sets with the same weapons. I plan on using a Resto staff in both load outs therefore I will need two staves total. I have none, and this was just something I heard. Not sure how you're getting 66 combinations.

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Eso same weapon in both slots 516
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Eso same weapon in both slots Originally Posted by Stormknight. It will allow players to have mid-combat weapon-tied skill swapping as. Send a private message to Halja. Thank you for re-enlightening me. If it opens all the way, you've been spotted. Same type but not the same weapon in both slots, I use purely resto staffs so I keep 2 on me, 1 for each ability bar GT: Konto Fanartikel en en-GB de fr.
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